Our Story

Hi, I'm D Glenn Simmons, PhD. I spent over five years living in Africa where I worked in distributing food to refugee camps. These poor souls were fleeing a horrible civil war in Mozambique.  At time all we fed them was mielie pap, similar to grits (corn meal). While it helped them avoid hunger, it had very little nutritional value. (see a clip of our work)

We began in 2008 working to develop a nutritious alternative to much of the food that was being distributed to those facing hunger and malnourishment. The Way to Grow Cookies are the end results of scientific research and development. With ingredients that have been clinically proven to address cognition, the immune system, and bodily growth, the Way to Grow Cookies help malnourished children to change the face of malnourishment.

Malnourishment isn't just a problem in other parts of the world. its a problem right here in America. Read more about what's happening around the world as well as here at home.


Since 2008, the Way to Grow Cookies have been making a difference in the lives of children in Africa. Through our partners in South Africa, we have produced and distributed the Way to Grow Cookies to hungry and malnourished children in South Africa. Without a doubt, the product has been valuable in aiding in the rehabilitation of malnourished children.


Because hunger and malnourishment continue to plague the United States, Invictus has made a commitment to bring relief here at home. While there is such a huge focus on feeding the hungry here in America, there has not been as serious a focus on the ill effects of malnourishment. Most hungry children are malnourished. The Way to Grow Cookies can help malnourished children here at home.