Invictus nourishment, through its Way to Grow Cookies, is working to change the face of malnourishment. 

Local for local

Our local-for-local program involves partnering with local corporations who sell the Way to Grow Cookies. Then a portion of the profit is used to donate the same, nourishing cookie, to organizations that are actively seeking to feed hungry, malnourished children in our area. The product is manufactured locally, sold locally, and then donated locally. Its a win-win situation for our community

Corporate partners

Parents love it!

Our local corporate partners are actively involved in helping our community. By selling the Way to Grow Cookies in their establishments, they are helping children who purchase the cookies have a nourishing,  tasty snack children will love. The crisp taste is something children enjoy. They nourishing effects help build strong bodies, help children avoid illness, and give children a stronger sense of focue.

Children love the taste. And they have no idea how good it is for them.  Parents know that their children are getting an alternative to sugary snacks that are laden with unhealthy ingredients. Plus parents know that each three packets they purchase, puts the same nourishing snack in the mouths of less fortunate children who are hungry and malnourished. Its a win-win for parents and children as well.